EPIC Risk Management and Hippodrome continue to work on gambling harm minimization

EPIC Risk Management and Hippodrome continue to work on gambling harm minimization

EPIC Risk Management and Hippodrome continue to work on gambling harm minimization
EPIC Risk Management, a leading company that specializes in gambling harm prevention and addressing problem gambling, has expanded its ongoing alliance with The Hippodrome Casino, an iconic London casino, as the two continue to work together on ensuring that the casino clients have access to tools and a gaming environment that is designed to minimize harmful practices in gambling. The two companies are delivering this new alliance as a part of a pilot program that was designed to test the waters and see if EPIC and TheHippodrome Casino would find a common ground working together. The pilot has proven a success, and The Hippodrome and EPIC are now set to strengthen this partnership, committing further to safer gambling practices and approach in the heart of London’s most iconic gaming venues. To deliver meaningful solutions, EPIC Risk has prepared a series of 20 workshops, which will help improve The Hippodrome Casino’s understanding of key areas such as identifying risk and harm in player activity, meaningful interactions with customers designed to aid consumers showing red flags, vulnerability, the stigma that may surround gambling, and more. To ensure that the program hits all its intended marks, EPIC has turned to Joanna Whitehall, its sustainability manager, who will be closely with the delivery of the program and seek its successful implementation across the board. Whitehall welcomed the opportunity to be working with EPIC and what it all meant for the company, speaking about the importance of providing adequate training to people who work in the gambling sector in order to be able to successfully aid consumers. Whitehall cited EPIC Risk Management’s own experience in dealing with gambling-related harm and spoke highly of her company’s ability to help prevent gambling-related harm before it happened. “We look forward to working with The Hippodrome Casino further, to improve safety and confidence for staff and clients alike, and trust that we can continue to expand the reach of this program to other land-based casinos across the UK who have expressed an interest in a similar project at their venue,” Whitehall concluded. The partnership was equally well received by The Hippodrome Casino Director of Business Services Sam Douglas who was excited to see EPIC Risk Management and his company embark on this journey together and help employees build empathy and understanding of lived experience – one of the most important factors when seeking out to tackle gambling-related harm. “The training they provide is invaluable, and we have already seen a positive impact on our team. We are happy that this partnership will assist us in creating a safe environment for our players in the years to come,” Douglas concluded. EPIC Risk Management recently became the official shirt sponsor for Slough FC, making it one of the first times that a company that sets out to tackle gamble has been featured on the shirt of a soccer club. Image credit: Unsplash.com

16 AUG 2023

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