SOFTSWISS’ Sportsbook posts increase in mobile bets for H1 23

SOFTSWISS’ Sportsbook posts increase in mobile bets for H1 23

SOFTSWISS' Sportsbook posts increase in mobile bets for H1 23
The leading gambling software development company and provider of innovative iGaming software solutions powering betting and online casino operators, SOFTSWISS, released a new report, outlining details regarding the performance of its SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. Details from the latest report emerged Monday and shed light on the performance of the Sportsbook product for the first half of 2023. During H1 of 2023, SOFTSWISS reported that an overwhelming majority of its Sportsbook bets were placed via mobile devices. Overall, 78.3% of the bets were placed via mobile devices compared to only 21.7% using desktop devices. Not unexpectedly, a majority of the bets were tied to live betting events, a total of 61.5% of all bets. SOFTSWISS also revealed that the average live bet was double the amount of the usual pre-match wager. This data, the company said, reaffirms the high engagement and popularity of mobile betting and live betting. In light of the outstanding results, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook developed a mobile application that can now power the operations of its business partners. Another important part of the latest statistics is that the wagers placed as combo on average were twice as high as the single bets. Given that fact, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook supported different bonuses that provide incentives for players that decide to place more combo bets such as Comboboost. Alexander Kamenetskyi, the Head of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, commented on the latest results in a statement. “I am deeply gratified by the substantial expansion we have achieved,” he said. Moreover, Kamenetskyi highlighted that GGR for H1 of 2023 skyrocketed by 769%, while turnover for the period increased by 254% year-over-year. When it comes to different sports, SOFTSWISS released further details regarding its performance for the first half of this year. The top three sports in H1 2023 based on the popularity of bets, according to the company, were: soccer, basketball and tennis. On that point, Kamenetskyi said that the three aforementioned sports saw the most wagers, but at the same time, esports grew exponentially as well. He revealed that in H1 2023, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive reaffirmed its position with a 339% increase year-over-year in wagers, as well as 388% increase in the wagered sum. “Following closely are League of Legends and DOTA 2, shining in the realm of cybersports. This is a reminder for us to keep an eye on cybersports as the momentum continues to grow,” he shared. Additionally, Kamenetskyi spoke about the strong progress the latest achievements reaffirm for the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. “I extend my gratitude to my colleagues for their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, and to our partners for their trust and the mutually advantageous collaboration we’ve fostered,” revealed the Head of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. Image credit: SOFTSWISS

16 AUG 2023

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