Jacks.nl confirmed as official sponsor for Dutch GP

Jacks.nl confirmed as official sponsor for Dutch GP

Jacks.nl confirmed as official sponsor for Dutch GP
Jacks.nl, a leading online gaming brand in the Netherlands, has been confirmed as an official sponsor of the Dutch Grand Prix, starting in 2024. Both Jacks.nl and the motorsports event are well-established locally, with JVH gaming & entertainment Group, representing one of the most successful online and land-based gaming companies in the country over the past several decades. The news was welcomed by Jacks.nl Chairman of the Board of Directors Eric Olders who said that the company was excited to be becoming a part of this journey. Olders noted that Jacks.nl has been associated with racing for many years now, and that this partnership completely suited the brand. “I have seen in the previous editions that the Grand Prix and JACKS.NL go together very well”, Olders suggested. He said that the Dutch Grand Prix promotes a mix of excitement and relaxation, which is the same culture that Jacks.nl pursues as a gaming and betting company. He further noted that Formula 1 had a clear commitment to safety and responsibility, which is the precise attitude that Jacks.nl has when addressing gaming and sports betting. JVH gaming & entertainment CMO Norbert Kout was similarly pleased with the news and said that Jacks.nl and the group as a whole have been actively engaged with motorsports over the years prior. The group is already hosting the JACK’s Racing Day at the Assen circuit, and sponsors rally sports during the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux. As a whole, motorsports is something that Jacks.nl is interested in, Kout added. In the meantime, the company has been busy building up its online gaming and betting presence in the country, amid increasing competition. Recently, Jacks.nl confirmed that it is adding more content to its iGaming platform and operations with the help of Swintt. Jacks.nl has been similarly committed to ensuring the integrity of sports contests and betting events. The brand became a member of the International Betting Integrity Association earlier this year in a bid to strengthen the association’s global monitoring capabilities which are directed at the maintaining of safety and integrity in sports. Jacks.nl is in itself a capable sports betting as well as gaming operator that is quick to flag any aberrations in betting contests, making it a trusted partner not just to the association, but also to the Dutch GP. Image credit: Unsplash.com

25 AUG 2023

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