SSC Napoli welcomes Rollbit as European Betting Partner

SSC Napoli welcomes Rollbit as European Betting Partner

SSC Napoli welcomes Rollbit as European Betting Partner
Prominent Italian soccer club SSC Napoli has teamed up with Bull Gaming N.V., a company that operates the online casino brand Rollbit. The partnership sees SSC Napoli and the brand establish a collaboration that is focused on player experiences, with Rollbit now stepping in as the Official European Betting Partner. SSC Napoli sees in this collaboration an opportunity to significantly strengthen fan engagement and introduce new ways for supporters of the club to engage with soccer, and Rollbit as well. Rollbit, SSC Napoli said in a press statement, was committed to an innovative approach to online gaming, which leads to strong synergies with the club’s own fan base. The news was welcomed by Rollbit Head of Partnerships Sam Norman who said that it was a fantastic opportunity to see the Rollbit brand now officially collaborate with one of Italy’s soccer powerhouses. “We feel this is the perfect time to begin this journey together with SSC Napoli having famously just won the Scudetto,” Norman added, praising the club’s most recent successes. He added that the brand was excited about the club’s prospects in the Champions League and looking forward to its performance. SSC Napoli Chief Revenue Officer Tommaso Bianchini was similarly pleased with the opportunity and the partnership. He praised Rollbit’s interest in online sports betting and taking the experience to the next level. “This partnership fits perfectly with the club’s desire to establish itself as a leader brand in the international scene and further demonstrates the club’s constant quest to partner with cutting-edge brands like Rollbit,” Bianchini added. Partnerships between sports clubs and betting and gaming companies have enjoyed a mixed reception. On the one hand, they have been good for the clubs that usually benefit from them the most as there is a serious financial incentive to accept such partnerships in the first place. Then again, fans have grown somewhat opposed to the proliferation of betting brands and logos on the shirts of players. Italy, for example, prohibits the public untargeted advertising of gambling products, as part of comprehensive legislative changes that put consumer safety first. The issue has caused much debate in major jurisdictions around the world, and notably the United Kingdom. A partnership that would have seen Stake become a partner to Chelsea FC in the country ultimately fell through after the two parties decided to buck under public pressure – or at least the timing of the withdrawal matched. Whether this has had a bearing on the final decision has not been confirmed. Image credit:

08 SEP 2023

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