Pawel Piotrowski: “Innovation has been overused to describe simple aesthetic changes”

Pawel Piotrowski: “Innovation has been overused to describe simple aesthetic changes”

Pawel Piotrowski: “Innovation has been overused to describe simple aesthetic changes”
Nailed It! Games is one of the fastest-rising stars in the iGaming industry. Following the provider’s recent successes, we spoke to Pawel Piotrowski, co-founder of the award-winning studio, to discuss its stance on innovation, how it differentiates its content from the competition and its plans for the rest of the year. Q: Can you start by introducing Nailed It! Games and what your studio does and has achieved in the iGaming industry in the short time it has been live? Nailed it! Games was founded in 2021 by myself and co-founder Grzegorz Przybylowicz. We are both veterans of the iGaming industry with a long-standing passion for slots and we regularly play a lot of titles ourselves. From this passion, we ultimately wanted to create our own studio to bring our unique vision of games to players around the world. Our ambition as a provider is to develop the most innovative and exciting slot games on the market and in November 2022, we released our very first title. Gold Mine Stacks, the title was praised for its inventive gameplay by players and operators alike. Since then, we have released six more slots with revolutionary mechanics underpinning each title. The success found from these games along with funding from RNG Foundry has allowed us to expand considerably since our inception and we now have more than 20 talented and passionate people working at the studio. The growth we have received recently and the high quality we ensure is a staple of each release and has resulted in us winning the Game Innovation Spotlight Award at the CasinoBeats Awards for the Supermatch™ mechanic featured within one of our titles Rome Supermatch™. We are excited to continue developing innovative slot games that will entertain and engage players for years to come. We believe that Nailed it! Games is the future of slots, and we are committed to creating the best possible gaming experience for our players. Q: Your studio has already introduced a number of games, and each has differentiated itself from the traditional slot experience. In Gold Mine, the game allows you to “dig deeper” and in Rome Supermatch™ winning symbols expand the rows that the title is played on. Is this differentiation important to you and does it serve a higher purpose? Whenever we release a title, we always ensure that it offers unique themes and features and when we do make a title that utilises an already existing mechanic, we always endeavour to add something extra to create a fresh experience for players. Differentiation via innovative mechanics is one of our founding principles at Nailed It! Games. We want to stand out from our competitors and create content that players cannot find anywhere else. Supermatch™ for example, is a completely new type of mechanic, first featured in our hit title Rome Supermatch™, it provides players with buildable gameplay. Each win offers the opportunity for even more wins to be created, thus providing a crescendo of excitement and we will be building on this feature in October with the release of a Halloween-themed game, Grim Reaper Supermatch™. Q: What’s been your greatest challenge to date in making your games appeal to an increasing audience that exhibits many idiosyncrasies and preferences for individual games? The greatest challenge when making such revolutionary titles is finding the perfect balance between innovation and what players are keen to explore and learn. It is of course impossible to build a slot that will appeal to all players as more established gamblers have different wants and preferences to those that are less experienced. However, our goal is to have a diverse roadmap where everybody will find a game that appeals to them and the only way to ensure this is possible is by continuing to release more hit titles. Q: Continuing on the topic of innovation and knowing what a key concept this is for Nailed It! Games, what do you think players understand when they hear this word? Is it simply a new theme or a number of bonus features? What would you call “innovative” at Nailed It! Games? In recent times, the word ‘innovation’ has been overused to describe simple aesthetic changes to existing titles. At Nailed It! Games, we believe that true innovation is about subverting player expectations and delivering new ideas. This can be through new themes, mechanics, or even entirely new concepts. For example, our Supermatch™ feature is a completely new way to play slots that has no equivalent in the market. If players are looking for a truly innovative slot experience, then our games are the perfect choice. Q: What are your plans for the second half of 2023? We are excited to announce that the second half of 2023 is shaping up to be just as thrilling as the first. In terms of games, we have some exciting additions to our roadmap, including Rainbow Burst. This Irish-themed slot boasts respin mechanics, free spins, and rainbow chests that can be randomly activated to award the title’s max win. Grim Reaper Supermatch™, our second Supermatch™ title, builds upon the premise of the original release and offers even more buildable fun packaged in a Halloween theme. We are also expanding our reach by partnering with more casinos to offer our highly engaging games to more players from all over the world. In addition to all of this, our team are hard at work already creating some of the games that you can expect from us in 2024. Watch this space! Image credit: Casino Guru News

11 SEP 2023

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