More funding allocated in the Netherlands to strengthen RG

More funding allocated in the Netherlands to strengthen RG

More funding allocated in the Netherlands to strengthen RG
Funding for three more initiatives has been announced by the Kansspelautoriteit, the Dutch Gaming Authority, as part of the Addiction Prevention Fund (VPF), which the watchdog monitors and manages along with the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sportand Justiceand Security. The fund is backed by the mandatory gambling levy that the existing regulation in the countries raises from licensed operations, and it’s dedicated to tackling problem gambling and strengthening responsible gambling in the country. A total of three initiatives are receiving additional financial stimulus, including a project dedicated to an e-learning portal developed by the addiction agency Jellinek. The project was set up at the behest of the Ministryof Justice and Security, and it helps train professionals about how to spot addiction problems in online gambling. Specific professions, such as doctors, mental healthcare providers, debt counsellors, and psychologists have been trained to better understand the unique challenges that gambling addiction poses. This allows the professionals to be better trained in understanding and recognizing gambling harm and spotting its signs earlier. The additional funding will help with detecting addiction early. The possibility exists that the program may need to be further changed if e-learning proves not as efficient as expected. Another initiative that is funded by the Dutch Gaming Authority is Gelfit, or “Money fit” which is designed to help people who are struggling with controlling their gambling habits to regain control of their money as it were. People can phone in for financial support and ask questions about financial situations that have been caused by their gambling addiction. Players have an extensive guide to follow that can help them work through the issues caused by harmful gambling and gradually improve their financial situation. Not least, there is the Trimbos Institute which has elaborated a prevention program targeting schools, and focused on excessive gaming, among other addictive practices that may play young people. The program, aptly named Clear at School, calls on young people to address risky behavior by recognizing it and avoiding it. The Institute has come up with various materials that are designed to assist young adults in spotting the dangers early and steer clear of them. All initiatives are designed to help bolster responsible gambling and ensure that consumers are safe and protected and, in the cases where they need help – they receive adequate and tailored assistance. Image credit:

18 SEP 2023

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