Speculation is over as DAZN Bet launches in Germany

Speculation is over as DAZN Bet launches in Germany

Speculation is over as DAZN Bet launches in Germany
After DAZN Bet was rumored to be launching in Germany, with a temporary domain name set up in the country, and the company obtaining the relevant licenses from local the regulator, the time of speculation is finally over, with the up-and-coming sportsbook now launching in the highly-competitive and lucrative European market. This comes shortly after similar moves by the company in Spain, Italy, and not least the United Kingdom which began the brand’s European odyssey. Owned by the DAZN streaming and on-demand video platform, DAZN Bet is an ambitious take on the traditional sports betting experience which seeks to establish strong synergies with its video streaming platform, and it’s the joint venture between the namesake DAZN and Pragmatic Group. DAZN Bet will also be integrated into the DAZN platform in the coming days, allowing users to bet on their teams in real time in regulated and approved markets. This unique product will offer sports fans in Germany the opportunity to engage with sports experiences as they have never before. DAZN Bet Managing Director Gabriel Vollmann said that the brand was all about providing a safe and regulated gambling experience, and that interest in sports betting was constantly going up in Germany. DAZN Bet is also among the latest companies to roll out its product in the country and capitalize on the rapidly expanding appetite among German bettors looking to wager on the outcome of sports. DAZN Bet and Vollmann have confirmed that the brand is keen to maintain the highest industry standards for player safety and responsibility. The company is already featuring self-exclusion tools as part of its official launch campaign and messages that promote and raise awareness about responsible gambling practices, along with other solutions deployed in the background to help DAZN detect instances of problem gambling. How far the integration between DAZN and DAZN Bet will reach remains to be seen and it’s a matter of regulatory approvals and existing legislation. Fanatics, an apparel brand in the United States, has had to tread lightly when trying to leverage its sportsbook and other divisions and create synergies between them. The launch of DAZN Bet has been smoother and with a clearer understanding of how far these synergies may go. Germany will most likely not be the last place where DAZN Bet rolls out either. Image credit: Unsplash.com

19 SEP 2023

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