Betfred COO takes his leave after 30 years on the job

Betfred COO takes his leave after 30 years on the job

Betfred COO takes his leave after 30 years on the job
One of the biggest names in the gambling industry who served at Betfred as the company’s Chief Commercial Officer for over 30 years is taking his leave from the privately owned betting and gaming company. Mark Stebbings is set to step down from the position and leave the company at the end of the month. In his LinkedIn post motivating his decision, Stebbings said that he was thankful to Fred Done, Betfred’s owner, who had been an incredible mentor to him and who helped train him from a betting shop manager to the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Stebbings added: “This week before I finish on Friday 29th will be emotional as I say goodbye to so many great people who I have worked with for a number of years. I’m sure Betfred will continue to grow and I wish Fred and his team continued success.” Stebbings has been an instrumental leader in the company’s success and its global and localized expansion moves. Betfred focused on significantly expanding its footprint in the United States, a process that has not been completed and carries on even to this day. Yet, with a firm hand on the rudder, Stebbings was among the executives who led his company forward with confidence, seeing it launch in Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, and Arizona, but also exploring other opportunities. The company also made a successful launch in South Africa, and it has been looking to increase its presence in both regions. In the United States, Betfred appointed Kresimir Spajic as its new Chief Executive Officer, with Betfred USA poised for further growth and success down the road. Meanwhile, Stebbings’ biography on LinkedIn is a testimony to how a leader can be trained from the ground up – Betfred is his only working experience. Stebbings has not announced any immediate plans other than that he will be spending quality time with his family. What he may have in mind next is anyone’s guess. If Casino Guru News is to make one bold conjecture, it would be that Stebbings could possibly seek a position at DAZN or BetMGM. Both companies launched their operations in the United Kingdom recently, and Stebbings, who is based in Warrington, may actually be interested in growing with these gaming giants, helping steer their European growth. Image credit:

26 SEP 2023

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