Mindway AI and DSWV team up to boost problem gambling awareness

Mindway AI and DSWV team up to boost problem gambling awareness

Mindway AI and DSWV team up to boost problem gambling awareness
The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) has turned to Mindway AI to bolster its nationwide day of action against problem gambling and gambling addiction in 2023. As a result, Mindway AI will now offer a self-test integrated directly into DSWV’s home page, which can help consumers in Germany analyze their behavior and see if they are in the risk group of problem gamblers or have already developed a problem. The tool used to this end is Gamalyze, a solution that looks into game behavior while considering real-world conditions, such as players drawing cards randomly and ending up with either a loss or a win. According to Mindway AI CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard there is a lot that Gamalyze is able to garner from this test, even if it’s only play money that consumers use. Regardless, Mindway AI and Kjaergaard are confident that they can understand and determine the level of risky gambling behavior better than any ordinary questionnaire could. The test not only invites players to take it and play through the simulated gambling options, but also assigns score, gives players back an assessment of how risky their behavior is, and offers insights and tips that they can follow in order to avoid bigger calamities. Amongst the tips that Mindway AI’s solution offers are such proven stratagems as setting a budget, making sure to take regular breaks, or even cashing out the money and seeing players buy themselves anything they want. The collaboration was naturally welcomed by DSWV President Mathias Dahms who saw this as another opportunity to ensure that legal gambling becomes more attractive for customers in the country. “Player protection is a central component of this,” Dahms remarked, and added that with Mindway AI’s help, players have access to a reliable self-test option that will help them better understand their own behavior. In a sense, Dahms continued, gambling has never been safer for customers in Germany, owing to the legalization of the market, but not least – the arrival of such prominent companies as Mindway AI as well. Areas such as gambling addiction prevention are now becoming easier to tackle over time, and this trend will continue with the help of Mindway AI and the regulated market. Mindway AI has previously worked with a number of companies, including operators to help tackle problem gambling and minimize the number of players who may be involved in reckless spending on private gambling operators in regulated markets. One such partnership involved BetCity.nl, demonstrating the company’s commitment to keeping players safe. Image credit: Unsplash.com

03 OCT 2023

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