GambleAware says fewer problem gamblers in Scotland access treatment options

GambleAware says fewer problem gamblers in Scotland access treatment options

GambleAware says fewer problem gamblers in Scotland access treatment options
GambleAware’s comprehensive study and research into individual regions across Great Britain has taken a closer look at Scotland and locals’ gambling participation level. The research commissioned by the leading problem gambling charity established that players in Scotland are less likely to seek treatment, support or advice when they face gambling-related harm. Out of the people who gamble and are classified with at least a Problem Gambling Severity index of 1+, only 16.7% seek help. This is lower than the average 20.9% across Great Britain, GambleAware cautions, seeking to highlight an important issue in the way consumers interact with gambling and how they seek to manage and control their gambling habits. GambleAware also established where the highest rate of gambling problems in the country is, citing five local areas, Dundee City, Aberdeen City, City of Edinburgh, North Lanarkshire, and Glasgow City, as the hotbeds of gambling-related harm. GambleAware has also actualized its data to now reflect the total number of gamblers in the country, with some 60.5% of people in Scotland participating in some form of gambling, or roughly 2.7m adults in the country having opted into some form of gambling. GambleAware Chief Executive Officer Zoë Osmond has commented on this localized data, and she said that gambling harms can affect anyone. She agreed that seeing fewer people accessing treatment and support in Scotland was worrying. She also encouraged people who are in doubt about their gambling habits, or that of a loved one to reach out to the organization: “Some people may not have reached out for help because they are unsure of where to find it, but anyone concerned about their gambling, or that of a loved one, can search GambleAware for free, confidential advice, tools and support.” Osmond and GambleAware also looked at the possible reasons why Scottish players may not be actively looking for help as much as the average for Great Britain, citing several factors. One was that people may not be sure where to find it or worry that it would cost money. GambleAware, however, offers free, confidential advice, along with support and tools. The organization is among the charities that may be getting a significant financial boost should a new levy on gambling companies’ revenue be passed, channelling even more money into responsible gambling, and treating gambling-related harm. This new insight comes on top of the publication of interactive maps that cover the entirety of Great Britain and help provide a closer and more detailed look into the biggest risk areas where problem gambling seems to be increasing. Image credit:

23 OCT 2023

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