Wazdan teams up with ESC Online for the market in Portugal

Wazdan teams up with ESC Online for the market in Portugal

Wazdan teams up with ESC Online for the market in Portugal
The leading provider of innovative games, powering the iGaming industry, Wazdan, announced it forged a new partnership. The company confirmed it joined forces with the prominent online gaming platform that operates under Estoril.pt in Portugal, ESC Online. Under the terms of the new partnership, Wazdan agreed to deliver a wide range of games, expanding the offering of the operator for Portuguese players. Although it was announced last week, the collaboration has already gone live earlier, delivering captivating and innovative games for Estoril’s players. As a result, Portuguese players will be able to experience thrilling titles from Wazdan, including Hot Slot: 777 Rubies, 15 Coins, Choco Reels and Hot Slot: 777 Crown. Additionally, the initial batch of games includes player-favorite titles like Fortune Reels, 16 Coins as well as 9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition. Per the latest partnership, players of the operator will also be able to experience thrilling and unique mechanics offered by Wazdan. Such include the iGaming provider’s popular Stick to Infinity, Collect to Infinity, Cash Infinity, Hold the Jackpot, Volatility Levels and Chance Level mechanics, proven to boost engagement and offer immersive experiences. Bruno Serra, the Head of Marketing from Estoril.pt, commented on the topic in a statement. “We are excited to collaborate with Wazdan, a company known for its commitment to innovation and quality in the iGaming industry,” he explained. Finally, Serra pointed out: “This partnership will enable us to offer our players an even more immersive and engaging gaming experience, further solidifying ESC Online position as a pioneer company in online gambling in Portugal.” Andrzej Hyla, Wazdan’s Chief Commercial Officer, shared the excitement of Serra. “We are delighted to join forces with Estoril.pt, a trusted name in the Portuguese online gaming landscape,” he added. Last but not least, Hyla outlined: “Our commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences aligns perfectly with Estoril’s vision, and we are confident that this collaboration will bring immense value to players in Portugal.” It was back in 2016 when ESC Online marked its debut via EstorilSolCasinos.pt for the online gambling market in Portugal. This happened at the time when the country first introduced legislation for online gambling. As one of the first iGaming operators, EstorilSolCasinos.pt offered class A and class B casino games. This enabled the company to deliver online slots, online roulette and online blackjack, mimicking the available options at land-based casinos. Throughout the years, the operator has continuously improved and expanded its offering, ensuring its clients enjoy a supreme form of iGaming entertainment. Image credit: Wazdan

23 OCT 2023

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