English Gambling Education Hub rolls out this week

English Gambling Education Hub rolls out this week

English Gambling Education Hub rolls out this week
Education has become a core concept of preventing gambling-related harm, as advocated by Casino Guru for a very long time now. This week, a new initiative commissioned by GambleAware is also getting underway with the English Gambling Education Hub rolling out the red carpet at what is hoped to be a one-stop shop for everything consumers and specialists need to know to inform themselves about responsible and safer gambling. The English Gambling Education Hub was launched with the help of multiple organizations, including GamCare and YGAM, along with Aquarius, Beacon Counselling Trust, NECA, Breakeven, and ARA. Yet, the hub specifically seeks to address and expand awareness about gambling-related issues and gambling harm in young people, and children. Commenting on this new rollout, GambleAware Anna Hargrave welcomed the chance to increase the capacity for educating and informing people about the dangers of gambling. She added that gambling can impact anyone, including children. Hargrave has insisted that early-prevention, awareness, and education are among the core concepts to explore: “Early intervention and prevention programs, such as these education hubs are vital to keeping people safe from gambling harm.” She spoke about the dangers that lurked for young people in particular, as they continue to be exposed to various forms of gambling. ASA has recently gone to extraordinary lengths to shut down an ad that featured the image and likeness of Gary Neville who apparently had a fraction of his social traffic appealing to children, which triggered a response from the regulator. Although this case may seem a little extreme, entire countries have long realized the importance of not using famous persons to advertise their gambling products, and particularly not using the image and likeness of anyone who may appeal to U-18 or U-21 age groups. GamCare Program Manager Shirley Tomkins has welcomed the arrival of the English Gambling Education Hub, hailing it as an initiative that is “uniquely placed” to understand the true depth of gambling harm in England. The hub is not just intended for people who may seek help, however, but also those professionals who want to educate themselves on how to better work with people who are suffering from gambling-related harm. The hub also arrives at a time when the government is looking to increase the contributions that go to initiatives that focus on problem gambling research, education, and prevention. Casino Guru has similarly shown a dedicated effort to educate the industry through the Casino Guru Academy and protect consumers through the Gamtegrity platform. Image credit: Unsplash.com

24 OCT 2023

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