Grand Casino of La Mancha rolls out Zitro’s Mighty Hammer

Grand Casino of La Mancha rolls out Zitro’s Mighty Hammer

Grand Casino of La Mancha rolls out Zitro's Mighty Hammer
The provider of games powering the growing global gambling industry, Zitro, announced a new collaboration, allowing it to boost its presence in Europe. The company confirmed last week it teamed up with the Ballesteros Group for the delivery of its acclaimed Mighty Hammer to the Grand Casino of La Mancha. Thanks to the latest collaboration, the leading gaming and entertainment location expands its offering with the globally recognized game from Zitro. Mighty Hammer is presented via the company’s Allure Glare cabinet, delivering engaging and thrilling experiences. The game offers elevated excitement and thrill with its bonus levels, quality sound and visual effects. Jaime Aníbal-Álvarez, Zitro’s Director of Casinos, commented on the topic in a statement. He was delighted to see the company’s games reach new clients of Ballesteros Group’s casinos. Moreover, Aníbal-Álvarez pointed out: “With the addition of Mighty Hammer, the players at the Casino de Illescas will experience the irresistible power of the hammer and create unforgettable moments in every game.” In conclusion, Zitro’s Director of Casinos explained: “The presence of Mighty Hammer at the Grand Casino of La Mancha is a testament to Zitro’s and the Ballesteros Group’s commitment to providing unique experiences to their customers. We anticipate great success for this multi-game in Illescas, as it already has worldwide.” Jose Luis Morencia, a representative of Casino Castilla La Mancha, was similarly delighted regarding the latest collaboration. “Once again, we’ve chosen to be partners with Zitro and include their latest addition,” he explained. Finally, Morencia pointed out: “The introduction of Mighty Hammer in our casino has been received with great enthusiasm by our customers, who appreciate its graphics and innovative gameplay.” Thanks to the latest collaboration, Zitro expands further the reach of its popular Mighty Hammer game. By now, the game has proven itself a smashing hit in different markets across the globe, offering unrivaled entertainment and experiences with its bonus levels. Earlier this year, Zitro expanded the reach of Mighty Hammer. Back in July, the company inked a partnership that saw the addition of its leading game to Gran Madrid Casino Torrequebrada in Benalmádena, Málag, Spain. Thanks to that deal, more customers in the country were given a chance to access Zitro’s thrilling multi-game. More recently, last month, Zitro agreed to supply two games for the premium casino entertainment location, Orenes Gran Casino Castellón. As a result of that partnership, the company’s Mighty Hammer and Fantasy Wealth games reached new audiences. Image credit: Zitro

30 OCT 2023

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