MGA CEO exits regulatory body at end of stint

MGA CEO exits regulatory body at end of stint

MGA CEO exits regulatory body at end of stint
Carl Brincat, the Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Gaming Authority, has confirmed that he will not seek another stint at the helm of one of the world’s best-recognized gambling regulatory bodies. The Board of Governors of the MGA has notified the public about Brincat’s decision, with the incumbent taking his leave from the organization at the end of his stint on January 25, 2024. The Board of Directors has thanked Brincat for his leadership and the time he spent guiding the regulator. He has been part of the organization for the past nine years, spending the last three years leading the regulator and helping it shape global industry standards. Board Chairperson Ryan C. Pace hailed the importance that Brincat has had on the organization during his time with it – both as its leader and in other related positions: “Carl has made extensive contributions to the Malta Gaming Authority and to the gaming industry in Malta and we are confident in, and very thankful for, the strong foundation he leaves behind as we continue to pursue the MGA’s strategic goals.” Brincat himself said that he was happy with the work that he has done as part of the authority and said that he looked forward to fulfilling his duties over the coming months. He said that he was confident in the MGA’s ability to choose a successor who would show the same commitment to the authority as well. The Board will make sure that the transition will go smoothly and will issue a public call for publications to look for a new executive. Brincat will work closely with his successor who will learn from him on the job for a couple of weeks, providing a suitable candidate is found by the time the incumbent steps down from office. The new candidate would then step into the position on the day following Bincat’s official leave, January 26, 2024. The MGA has also been working on strengthening its regulatory regime, and recently issued a Closed Consultation on minimum capital requirements for businesses that seek to acquire licensing from the authority. This way, the watchdog wants to ensure that licensed entities can guarantee their own financial stability and avoid risk to consumers in future. Image credit: MGA

30 OCT 2023

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