Finland to include scratch card games in mandatory checks

Finland to include scratch card games in mandatory checks

Finland to include scratch card games in mandatory checks
Veikkaus, the Finnish gambling monopoly that is undergoing a profound change, is going to make an important shift in 2024, as the operator will now consider scratch card games in the same product range as riskier products that require verification checks. As a result, starting on January 1, players will have to provide a document that establishes their identity when playing these games, whether this is aVeikkaus card, a Kela card, a mobile card, a driving license, or a personal government-issued ID. Veikkaus Director of Draw Games, Ville Venojärvi, believes that this is a step in the right direction, designed to strengthen security and safety, and does not expect any disruption of business as company players are already familiar with verification and how it works across other products. While these changes are being prepared, players may continue to purchase lottery scratch cards without authentication for the rest of 2023. “Veikkaus is one of the first gaming companies in the world where playing both digital and physical channels, including scratchcards, requires identification,” Venojärvi explained. These measures will help limit harm from gambling, build a more robust age screening process, and overall create a safer gambling environment. The operator is also launching a new type of scratchcard game for players who fail to win but are offered a second chance to secure a €1,000 prize. The new lottery draw is based on player feedback and boosts the value that participants get from purchasing scratchcards and lottery tickets. All of this comes at a time when Veikkaus is preparing to part with its exclusive status in Finland. The country will be shifted towards a license-based model in which private operators will enter the market and populate it with their own brand offerings in a bid to boost channelization into the regulated gambling market instead. Presently, the gambling monopoly established by Veikkaus has not yielded the desired results with regard to ensuring that players stick and play locally rather than exploring offshore casinos, which has been the case. Veikkaus has cautioned that a move against ending Veikkaus’ exclusive status could cost jobs, but the company softened its tone recently, arguing that a change towards a licensee-based model would indeed be the most welcome way forward. Image credit:

08 NOV 2023

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