Oddin.gg official data sponsor of PGL’s first CS2 Major

Oddin.gg official data sponsor of PGL’s first CS2 Major

Oddin.gg official data sponsor of PGL's first CS2 Major
Oddin.gg, one of the most accomplished tech companies in the esports space, has announced that it has been confirmed as the official data partner of the PGL’s first Counter-Strike 2 Major event, the Major Copenhagen which will be held in the Danish capital in 2024. This marks an important milestone for Oddin.gg, as the company will be able to process data from the seminal event which will feature one of the biggest events for the newly-released Counter-Strike 2, a successor of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and one of the most wagered esports games of all times. PGL has been selected by Valve, the publisher, to ensure that the Major Copenhagen will drive and sustain sufficient interest as the transition from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2 is ongoing. This means that sportsbooks are also adapting quickly to the new market realities where they need to crunch the numbers and provide valuable markets to players keen to bet on the Counter-Strike 2 event. Oddin.gg will now clearly have an upper hand, able to provide bookmakers with the required data and help them establish their offer. Commenting on this opportunity, Oddin.gg Managing Director and Co-founder Marek Suchar has welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with PGL, a company that is well-established in esports space and which has been maintaining a strong reputation for hosting excellent events in the vertical, with a particular focus on Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. “On one hand, we have PGL, the apex of esports, renowned for its elite production quality, premier tournaments, and unparalleled viewership. On the other, there’s a roster of our esteemed clients like Betway, Stake, Yolo, Altenar, Betby, among many others. We’re thrilled to bridge these worlds, leveraging data from the first even Counter-Strike 2 Major to enhance fan engagement through dynamic odds and interactive widgets,” Suchar explained. PGL CEO Silviu Stroie was similarly excited about this new partnership. Thanks to Oddin.gg, Storie explained, PGL will be able to harness the full potential of the event and ensure that the Major drives stronger fan engagement and better overall marketing opportunities. Suchar too believes that Oddin.gg is in a good position to lead to enhanced revenue generation for all stakeholders involved. The PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen is due on March 17-31, 2024, and it will feature a $1,250,000 prize pool, bringing together some of the most prominent teams from the world of Counter-Strike together to vie for the hefty purse. Image credit: Oddin.gg

29 NOV 2023

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