Daisy White: “Rdentify helps companies revolutionize RG practices, not check boxes”

Daisy White: “Rdentify helps companies revolutionize RG practices, not check boxes”

Daisy White: “Rdentify helps companies revolutionize RG practices, not check boxes”
Daisy White, AI Business Development Manager at Rdentify, has sat down with Casino Guru News to discuss the role financial institutions play in helping protect consumers against gambling addiction, the pioneering efforts Rdentify has been driving in building player protection tools, and how regulatory alignment and innovative customer interaction can help businesses strengthen and understand the needs of responsible gambling to drive a sustainable operational model and safer gaming environment. Q: Why is it important for financial firms to be able to spot signs of gambling addiction and where is the financial industry today in terms of ensuring that vulnerable consumers do not over-spend? Do you think it’s fair to expect such firms to be more aware of RG? Fantastic question, Rdentify believes financial institutions play a vital role in spotting signs of gambling addiction and preventing vulnerable consumers from overspending as they have a duty of care. By offering gambling blocks, and collaborating with the gaming industry and charities, we believe financial institutions are starting to take proactive steps to address this serious problem. In addition to investing in staff education, financial institutions are also exploring innovative solutions to enhance prevention efforts. For example, Rdentify offers a real-time touchpoint solution that uses bot technology to engage customers on safer gambling, address concerns, and provide educational support. This integrated approach demonstrates a commitment to consumer well-being and a proactive stance against gambling addiction. While the financial industry has made significant strides in recent years, there is still room for improvement. Financial institutions can further enhance their prevention efforts by promoting financial literacy, educating customers about gambling risks, and collaborating with other stakeholders to develop comprehensive prevention strategies. Q: What is the main incentive for companies to turn to Rdentify – is it regulatory pressure, a general increase in awareness that companies could be doing better, or something else? Companies are turning to Rdentify not just to check regulatory boxes but to help them to revolutionise responsible gambling practices. Beyond compliance, there’s a growing awareness that investing in responsible initiatives isn’t just a regulatory necessity but a strategic move to safeguard customers and forge lasting relationships. Rdentify stands out with tools like our Safe Bot tech, Mindful Mate, designed not just for regulatory adherence but to engage players in real-time, building rapport uncovering personal preferences, and allow for real time interventions. Rdentify isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about creating a controlled gambling environment that fosters responsible play. Our suite, including customer support QA tools, identifies areas for improvement, making us a unique and valuable partner. Rdentify isn’t just a solution; it’s a commitment to elevating the player experience and driving positive industry change. Companies are increasingly turning to Rdentify for a comprehensive responsible gambling solution that optimises workflow, ensures regulatory compliance, whilst enhances customer interaction. While regulatory pressure is a major driver, companies are also recognising the need to invest in responsible gambling initiatives to protect their customers and build positive relationships. Rdentify’s suite of tools addresses both regulatory and customer-centric needs. For example, our Safe Bot technology Mindful Mate, engages players in real-time to build rapport and discover personal preferences. This allows operators to create a controlled gambling environment that fosters responsible play and allows for real time interactions. Additionally, Mindful Mate can be used to address issues promptly and effectively, further enhancing the player experience. Rdentify’s customer support QA tool also plays a vital role in enhancing responsible gambling practices. By monitoring customer support performance, Rdentify can identify areas where businesses can improve their services, create efficiencies, and better meet the needs of their customers. By blending regulatory alignment with innovative customer interaction, we are a unique and valuable partner for companies striving to meet regulatory standards while fostering positive player-operator relationships. Q: The ban on credit card use for gambling has been a major success. What do you think financial institutions can do better to assist consumers steer clear from harm and do you think it’s at least partially in their remit to do so? The ban on credit card use in gambling has indeed been a significant success. Financial institutions can further assist consumers by implementing proactive measures, such as allowing deposit limits to curb excessive gambling. It is unequivocally within their remit to prioritise consumer well-being. Outreach efforts, facilitated by Rdentify’s SafeBot tech, could educate customers on responsible gambling, answer queries, and link them to relevant facilities. For those opting in, Rdentify could help them understand their spending habits, fostering financial responsibility. Initiatives like these not only align with regulatory expectations but also underscore the industry’s commitment to consumer welfare. Creating rapport through personalised engagement is paramount to fostering a collaborative approach between financial institutions and consumers in the pursuit of responsible gambling practices. Q: Have your products been well-received by consumers, stakeholders, and lawmakers, or are there angles that still need to be worked on? The reception has been immense, and we are grateful for the positive feedback we have received. Stakeholders and regulators appreciate Rdentify’s pioneering efforts in developing player protection tools tailored for modern challenges, such as Mindful Mate’s ability to engage players in real-time to build rapport, uncover personal preferences, and create a controlled gambling environment that fosters responsible play. The positive reception underscores the industry’s recognition of the need for innovative solutions to ensure a safer and more responsible gaming environment. The journey is certainly ongoing, and the enthusiasm and support from customers and partners fuel Rdentify’s dedication to pushing boundaries for a more secure and enjoyable gaming experience. Q: What is Rdentify expecting to see in the future of gambling, particularly in your field of expertise? We envision a landscape where risk profiles are seamlessly ingrained into the player experience, providing a nuanced understanding of each player’s needs. The future holds far better insights and QA mechanisms into customer pain points, refining customer support responses for heightened satisfaction and allow for bespoke and individual customer interactions and interventions. Automation will take centre stage, enhancing efficiency while keeping the human touch intact. We foresee a delicate balance where technology empowers, but human intuition and empathy remain irreplaceable. Additionally, a substantial leap in Business Intelligence capabilities will unfold, offering operators unparalleled insights for strategic decision-making. The evolving landscape presents not just challenges but opportunities to redefine player experiences, ensuring a harmonious and responsible future for the gambling industry. Image credit: Casino Guru News

30 NOV 2023

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