Casino Guru Awards judges gathered to shape the future of online gaming excellence

Casino Guru Awards judges gathered to shape the future of online gaming excellence

Casino Guru Awards judges gathered to shape the future of online gaming excellence
The prestigious Casino Guru Awards recently hosted a pivotal gathering in Bratislava on November 30 and December 1, bringing together an esteemed panel of global judges. This crucial event was designed to facilitate in-depth interviews with shortlisted companies and comprehensive discussions on the supporting materials provided by the contenders. In all categories, the judges had more than 30 video calls with the shortlists, marking the format a resounding success. The Casino Guru Awards’ judging process is characterized by a meticulous examination of strong and convincing arguments presented by the companies. Judges, hailing from diverse locations, underwent a series of online calls and discussion sessions, delving deeper into the reasons why particular companies deserve recognition as industry leaders. This hands-on approach not only enhances transparency but also allows for a more personal and detail-oriented assessment, ensuring that the most deserving candidates emerge as winners. The seven categories under scrutiny during the gathering included: The Fairest Bonus Policy The Fairest General T&Cs The Most Impactful Social Responsibility Initiative The Best Implementation of RG Tools The Most Transparent Casino The Most Effective Handling of Complaints The Most Ethical Approach to Marketing In a unique turn of events, the judges unfortunately could not attend the gathering for “The Most Ethical Approach to Marketing.” However, this category will proceed fully online at the beginning of December, allowing the panel to thoroughly assess and evaluate the contenders remotely. “The awards aim to celebrate the tireless efforts of the industry’s most dedicated and responsible professionals, providing them with the recognition they truly deserve. With judges from Casino Guru and experts from other industry companies and organizations present, both physically and online, the event promises a comprehensive evaluation process,” commented Daniela Sliva, the project owner of the Casino Guru Awards. As the February online awarding ceremony approaches, the judges are expected to finalize the winners by the end of the year through an anonymous vote. Further details about the Casino Guru Awards gathering, along with insights from the judges, will be shared in the coming days. In addition to calls with shortlist candidates, during the Casino Guru Awards Gathering, various content was created on Casino Guru social networks and news platforms. Relationships were built, and now the hardest part lies with the judges – to decide which of the excellent contenders has made the final cut. The judges will take their due time and decide fairly in picking the winners of each category. They have praised the evaluation process that Casino Guru has implemented, leading to detailed verification of the information in all categories, the opportunity to contact casino representatives on calls, and not least – appreciate the effort, preparation, and overall willingness of nominees to participate in this exciting, transparent and ultimately challenging manner of awarding accolades within the industry. The entire Casino Guru Awards project has been built and executed with the idea of serving the end users. About Casino Guru Awards: The Casino Guru Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in the online casino industry. In their second year, these awards aim to highlight the industry’s most responsible and dedicated professionals across various categories, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation process. Image credit: Casino Guru News

04 DEC 2023

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