MGA selects Charles Mizzi as CEO

MGA selects Charles Mizzi as CEO

MGA selects Charles Mizzi as CEO
The hunt for a new head at the Malta Gaming Authority is over less than two months after it began on October 30, 2023. Charles Mizzi has been picked to succeed the outgoing incumbent, Carl Brincat, who will be stepping down from the position on January 26, 2024. Mizzi will work alongside Brincat for a period of several weeks so that the smooth transition and change of leadership is guaranteed, the MGA detailed in a press release, echoing its original intention about the change in office. In his new position, Mizzi will serve a five-year tenure and continue to contribute to the regulator’s mission to be seen as a reputable and desirable authority, driving investments and interest. The MGA’s Board of Governors is confident that Mizzi has the qualities to continue delivering on strong results for the regulator under his stewardship. In a brief statement commenting on his appointment, Mizzi said that he was honored to have been picked by the Board of Governors and said that he would work to further strengthen the country’s position in the field of gambling regulation. Malta’s Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands, Silvio Schembri, also welcomed the appointment of the new CEO and said that the candidate would no doubt continue the mission of the regulator and help it establish its reputation as a trusted partner and reputable entity in the industry. In the meantime, the service of Brincat has been celebrated by the Board of Governors who said that the man played a crucial role and had extensive contributions to the regulator’s operational capacity. The MGA has also been very happy with the opportunity to conduct such a swift selection process that has allowed the Board to fulfil its initial intention and have the incoming and outgoing CEO collaborate over some time to guarantee a smooth transition. The Malta Gaming Authority plays a crucial role in the regulation of European and international gambling standards and has been an originator of robust regulatory frameworks. Mizzi is well-versed in demanding regulatory standards and will use his extensive knowledge to head various initiatives to ensure that the MGA continues to be a benchmark and echelon for the entire gambling industry. Image credit: MGA

18 DEC 2023

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