Yolo Investments to fuel growth in iGaming and blockchain with new €100m fund

Yolo Investments to fuel growth in iGaming and blockchain with new €100m fund

Yolo Investments to fuel growth in iGaming and blockchain with new €100m fund
Yolo Group’s investment vessel, Yolo Investments, has launched a new flagship investment fund that will seek to raise €100m in capital and fund the company’s expansion in various emerging sectors, including blockchain, gaming, and fintech, as well as defy current investment practices within the company by taking a look at renewable energy and other potentially disruptive technologies of the future. The company behind Yolo Investments, Yolo Group, has carried out multiple high-profile investments over the past years that specifically had to do with iGaming, as the company established paradigm-defying gaming platforms, including Sportsbet.io, Bitcasino.io, livecasino.io, and Hub88, shifting public reception of the industry and elevating the user experience. The new fund, Yolo Fund II LP, will be managed by Yolo GP Limited, and both have been licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to this end, and the current investment vessel builds upon the previously introduced fund in 2019, which has driven hundreds of millions worth of euro in investments and yielded a strong financial windfall. To bankroll future plans, Yolo Fund II LP will seek to raise €100m, €50m of which will be directly injected into gaming, blockchain, and fintech technology. There will be a capital raise as well as financial commitment on the part of Yolo Investments’ general partners. The other half of the fund will most likely be dedicated to pursuing more ambitious investments that have to do with technologies that could define the future. Tim Heath, founder of GP and Yolo Investments, has confirmed that the fund will continue to pursue growth and support promising projects across gaming, blockchain, and fintech and work on ensuring that early-stage companies with a robust concept have a good chance of growing and developing their core offers, disrupting their respective sectors. Yolo Group’s previous investment forays have had a wide ripple effect across the industry with the 2019’s fund assets now surpassing more than €600m and generating an internal return of 40%. Yolo Group has gone through recent restructuring to better reflect its size and multi-pronged approach to gaming, innovation, and technology. The restructuring resulted in the creation of three individual entities, to wit Yolo Entertainment, Yolo Platform, and Yolo Investments, which together form the full ecosystem of the group’s efforts. Image credit: Yolo Group

22 DEC 2023

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