GambleAware welcomes Andy Boucher as new trustee

GambleAware welcomes Andy Boucher as new trustee

GambleAware welcomes Andy Boucher as new trustee
One of the leading NGOs in the United Kingdom, GambleAware, has appointed Andy Boucher as its newest trustee, as the charity continues to combat gambling addiction and seeks to elevate the industry standards for treatment and harm prevention. Boucher is someone who has been picked based on his extensive knowledge and understanding of the sensitive issue that GambleAware is attempting to address through unflagging commitment. His experience will prove invaluable to the organization which is working hard on raising prevention, education, and treatment, as well as support services when it comes to harmful gambling. Treatment has been one of the focal points of the charity’s efforts, as there has been strong evidence to suggest that treatment courses have a degree of success. The UK government believes that various levels of intensive intervention can indeed help people who are suffering from problem gambling or at-risk to improve their well-being and overcome the issue with even nominal intervention. His appointment has been welcomed by GambleAware Chair of Trustees Baroness Kate Lampard CBE who had this to add commenting on Boucher’s appointment: “We’re delighted to welcome Andy to the Board. He has a range of skills and experience which will benefit us and help guide our direction through the upcoming years. We look forward to working alongside him and know he has an enormous amount to contribute to help ensure the best outcomes for people experiencing gambling harms.” Boucher has 34 years of professional experience, and he has worked with various businesses and charities to advance numerous causes. Notably, he spent a long stint with PwC where he was designated a Partner between 2005 and 2021. He worked to cover the strategic and technical corporate tax service for a number of large businesses, including FTSE entities. However, his efforts and track record are not restricted to just high-level corporate affairs, as Boucher has similarly been involved in various social causes. His own experience has taken him to work with social mobility and homelessness projects, which will prove invaluable as the organization seeks how to tackle the various issues that stem from gambling harm. The Board of Trustees now consists of 12 members who come from all walks of professional life and who are very motivated to help the charity to continue with its efforts of tackling problem gambling while raising awareness for the issue. However, there is more to be done to ensure that problem gambling is tackled across the United Kingdom. GambleAware found that gamblers in Scotland have fewer options to access treatment. The organization has also been working hard to pinpoint the areas that have the highest incidence and prevalence of problem gambling and gambling harm. Image credit:

27 DEC 2023

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