Paddy Power raises £832,000 for prostate cancer awareness & treatment

Paddy Power raises £832,000 for prostate cancer awareness & treatment

Paddy Power raises £832,000 for prostate cancer awareness & treatment
Paddy Power, a betting, and gaming company, has pulled off a colossal feat, raising £832,000 for Prostate Cancer UK, a charity that is looking to raise awareness about prostate cancer among risk groups and recommend frequent testing and early interventions and prevention. The colossal sum, nearly $1m, comes as part of the much-ballyhooed World Championship Darts Championship, sponsored by Paddy Power, with the company making a bit of showmanship of the process. Paddy Power has vowed to donate £1,000 for every 180 scored during the event and is hoping to push the total amount to £1m. Prostate Cancer UK CEO Laura Kerby was thankful and excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the charity and find an entertaining way to raise the funds while also appealing to an audience that is very likely to benefit from screening. “Prostate cancer is curable if caught early, but early-stage prostate cancer often has no symptoms, so it is vital that men know their risk – and we hope 180,000 fans will do that during the tournament via our simple online risk checker,” Kerby assured, and appealed to fans to use the free online checker to get ahead of a potentially dangerous health issue. Paddy Power is also very happy with the way the event is going with spokesperson Rachael Kane confirming that the latest edition of the World Championship is indeed on track to hit the coveted milestone and see surpass 900180s for this year’s edition. The event is running through Wednesday, January 3, with one more day left in the competition. Paddy Power was officially appointed a sponsor to the PDC World Darts Championship in July, as previously reported by Casino Guru News. The appeal of the event holds sway over millions of people, many of whom are middle-aged men. This is why combining the event’s efforts with Prostate Cancer UK’s cause to raise awareness for the issue is a particularly auspicious opportunity. Image credit:

02 JAN 2024

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