Kambi’s Nylén to step down in 2024

Kambi’s Nylén to step down in 2024

Kambi's Nylén to step down in 2024
Kristian Nylén’s name has become synonymous with Kambi and the company’s success over the past years. As the Co-Founder and CEO of the company, and part of its juggernaut for the past 14 years, Nylén has overseen much of its success, steering and guiding Kambi every step of the way. However, he has notified the Board of Directors that he would be stepping down this year, and a time when a successor has been found. Today’s Kambi is a far cry from the hesitant up-and-coming disruptor it once was. Established as an uncontested favorite in the delivery of sportsbook solutions, Kambi has retained its original appetite for innovation while upping its game and taking it on a much larger scale. Yet, Nylén is not going to disenfranchise himself of the company entirely. He has been proposed for election to the Board of Directors, a matter which will be voted on at the 2024 Annual General Meeting. Nylén’s decision does not come lightly, but he has cited personal reasons for his decision to pursue this course of action. “As co-founder, my heart and professional allegiance remain firmly with Kambi, therefore, I am honored to accept the Nomination Committee’s proposal to join the Board,” the outgoing incumbent said, thanking the company for voting him confidence. Although he will prioritize his personal life first, Nylén has confirmed that he will be looking intently at the strategic aspects of the company and strive to drive further value through valuable input. Anders Ström, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board has hailed Nylén’s established track record in the industry and what it means for the company as a whole. “I am delighted the Nomination Committee has proposed Kristian for the Board, where his extensive industry knowledge will continue to greatly benefit Kambi,” Ström added, paying his respects to his long-standing colleague and partner. He similarly argued that he did not expect Nylén’s valuable contributions, be that strategic or otherwise, to subside considerably, and assured that his voice would be heard in guiding the company towards a future in which it continues to thrive. Kambi Group has in the meantime been driving forays into new and existing markets, teaming up with 711.nl for the latter’s Dutch push and also working closer with LeoVegas through a BetMGM collaboration in the United Kingdom. Image credit: Unsplash.com

09 JAN 2024

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