MGA decides to cancel Super7plus Limited’s authorization

MGA decides to cancel Super7plus Limited’s authorization

MGA decides to cancel Super7plus Limited's authorization
The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the gambling regulator in Malta, confirmed an action against one operator last week. The Authority revealed it had decided to cancel the authorization of Super7plus Limited. Although the cancelation of the authorization by the MGA was announced on January 18, the gambling regulator explained it is in effect as of January 17, 2024, a statement reveals. Similar to other regulatory enforcement actions, the MGA listed a number of conditions Super7plus needs to comply with. In line with the country’s gambling regulations, article 51 of the Act, the operator must immediately remove references to the Authority or the authorization. Besides removing the reference to the MGA, Super7plus was directed to immediately discontinue all gaming operations. The operator was also directed to stop registering new players, considering the cancellation of its authorization. Additionally, the Authority confirmed that Super7plus must pay all outstanding fees in a five-day period from the effective date. It’s no surprise that the operator was directed to supply the MGA with the relevant bank statements and a report from its back-end system. This information will help the gambling regulator ensure that Super7plus has returned the funds to all of its registered players. The deadline for compliance with this condition was seven days from the effective date, the MGA explained. The gambling regulator outlined: “Provided that the Authority shall reserve the right to request the Authorized Person to provide the necessary facilities to the Authority in order for the latter to extract and make copies of the relevant data, including but not limited to, essential regulatory data as defined in the Gaming Definitions Regulations (S.L. 583.04).” Back in December, the MGA awarded a license to Imagine Live, a leading provider of live dealer games. Securing the license from the gambling regulator in Malta enabled the company to significantly grow the reach of its products. At the same time, the awarded license complemented Imagine Live’s ongoing global expansion. Before that, earlier in December, the MGA confirmed the appointment of Charles Mizzi to the role of CEO. Selecting an expert with extensive experience comes ahead of the planned change in MGA’s senior leadership. The announcement came at a time when Carl Brincat, the current CEO, announced his plans to step down from his role effective January 26, 2024. Image credit:

22 JAN 2024

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