ANJ commits multi-year strategy to strengthen market, protect consumers

ANJ commits multi-year strategy to strengthen market, protect consumers

ANJ commits multi-year strategy to strengthen market, protect consumers
The French gambling regulator, Autorité Nationale des Jeux, has published a new plan in which it outlines a multi-year strategy for the domestic market, which is going through significant changes, including the strengthening of measures against the black market, the illegal gambling sector, and safeguards for vulnerable, at-risk, and underage consumers. Among the goals the ANJ has set out for itself for the period between 2024 and 2026 are the ambition to tackle problem gambling as well as improve channelization. To get there, though, the ANJ has called on stakeholders to vow their support and make sure that more is done to tackle the outstanding issue with the illegal gambling market. France estimates that 38% of turnover is driven by problem gambling, and 21% of severe cases of problem gamblers contribute to the total turnover, which are two outstanding issues that must be addressed. ANJ President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin has commented on the regulator’s new plan, and called for a “less intensive model,” which is proactive and seeks to strengthen the protection of minors while also tackling excessive gambling. She added: “It can only be achieved if all stakeholders join forces alongside the regulator to move the lines: gaming operators, public authorities, institutions, and associations.” Problem gambling revenue has been a talking point in industry board rooms as well as in regulatory meetings, as a realization has dawned that the industry is deriving a significant margin of its revenue from consumers who have an unhealthy relationship with the hobby. To help tackle this and more, the ANJ is hoping to work on three pillars that should help address the issues today’s market and the industry face, factoring in consumer well-being first and foremost. ANJ wants to be seen as an originator of ideas that can innovatively tackle outstanding issues, and that the industry supports those changes. Another focus will be on ensuring that national and European regulations see eye-to-eye in a way that allows the domestic market to integrate robust regulatory practices. Not least, the ANJ wants to also guide the dialogue on research into gambling harm and problem gambling. Image credit:

26 JAN 2024

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