PressEnter Group taps Flows for no-coding solutions

PressEnter Group taps Flows for no-coding solutions

PressEnter Group taps Flows for no-coding solutions
PressEnterGroup has turned to Flows, a company that has set out to change the paradigm in the iGaming industry by offering no-coding solutions to upstart and top-performing brands and facilitating the management and running of businesses in the sector while minimizing friction for all parties involved. Flows’ no-code automation platform is designed to give PressEnter Group a competitive advantage and help further establish its footprint in the industry, resonating with the group’s self-professed ambition to continually better itself and “strive for excellence.” Flows will allow PressEnter to achieve several things, among which is the ability to optimize the user experience, reduce business friction, and generally broach new and exciting technologies. PressEnter Group Head of Technical Management Raymond Saliba said that the entire company was very happy to be teaming up with Flows. “This collaboration is not just a technological leap it’s a strategic move aligning with our mission to constantly innovate and provide superior gaming experiences. We anticipate this partnership to bring forward unique gaming solutions, setting new standards in the industry,” Saliba explained, praising the new partner for its technological prowess and understanding that have created a vastly superior and competitive product. Flows CEO James King was similarly excited to see his company bring its revolutionary solutions to what is considered to be one of the most significant companies in the sector. He welcomed the opportunity to team up with PressEnter and noted that the collaboration was a testament to Flows’ ability to bring worthwhile opportunities to core businesses. “We are eagerly anticipating the waves of innovation that our collaboration will unlock within their portfolio of brands – exciting times ahead,” King stated. Flows has been working with several companies of late. Flows teamed up with Altenar as recently as last July, and the company also established a partnership with NuxGame before that in 2022. Flows’ solution has been welcomed in the iGaming industry, leading to many companies being able to build and deliver products that are fast, easy-to-use, and impactful, with the benefit of having been tailored to meet specific needs. Image credit:

31 JAN 2024

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