Kindred ends hunt for CEO with Nils Andén confirmed

Kindred ends hunt for CEO with Nils Andén confirmed

Kindred ends hunt for CEO with Nils Andén confirmed
Kindred Group has been on a tear of late. The company’s problem gambling revenue has been declining steadily, if not quarterly, then at least on an annual scale. The firm received a significant proposition from rival Française des Jeux to buy out its business for billions of dollars, and the group’s results over the full 12-month period remained cautiously optimistic. Although Kindred has plenty of headwinds to worry about, the group can let a collective sigh of relief by at least ending the search for a permanent Chief Executive Officer, with Nils Andén, the interim company boss, now promoted to the real thing with the blessing of the group’s Board of Directors. Andén has been on the job since May 2023 and has worked hard to steer the company towards profitability and other business markers. Commenting on this official promotion, Chairman of the Board EvertCarlsson had this to say: “The Board is very pleased to be able to appoint Nils as permanent CEO and that he is willing to take on the job. Nils has done an excellent job as interim CEO and is an appreciated leader with a vast knowledge of both Kindred and the online gambling industry.” Carlsson added that Andén is appreciated within the company and that the group was excited to be working with him in this new position. As to Andén himself, he thanked the group for vouching his trust and hailed the team behind Kindred. Andén confirmed that he will continue to work hard and ensure that Kindred Group stays on the right path, pursuing business profitability and sustainability, despite the oncoming challenges. Kindred Group has had to accept some harsh realities over the past months, with Andén rising to the occasion of making tough calls on his watch. For one, the Q3 results marked a slight increase in problem gambling revenue, and also confirmed the company’s controlled exit from the North American market, as the market had become unsustainable or requiring perilous amounts of gaining traction locally. Moving forward, Kindred will continue to address performance issues under Andén as well as contemplate the sale of its business to its French rival. Image credit: Kindred Group

08 FEB 2024

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