Play’n GO finds out Swedish player oppposed to Bonus Buy

Play’n GO finds out Swedish player oppposed to Bonus Buy

Play’n GO finds out Swedish player oppposed to Bonus Buy
A new poll by cutting-edge iGaming supplier Play’n GO has discovered that the majority of Swedish players are opposed to “Bonus Buy” as a feature found in slots. According to an overwhelming majority of players, or some 55% of the respondents, the feature ought to be prohibited. Although not opposed to the feature specifically, an even bigger chunk of the player base favors the suspension of Bonus Buy through lawful means, with some 69% of the Swedish public expressing their backing for such a measure. The consensus is that Bonus Buy is a predatory feature that exploits at-risk players who are vulnerable to problems stemming from excessive gambling. Bonus Buy is a mechanic that allows players to skip ahead and enter a bonus level right away, without the need to trigger specific in-game conditions. The price paid to enter the bonus level this way can be steep, with no promises for return despite triggering the bonus. Play’n GO has discovered that according to 61% of respondents, prohibiting the feature is the most sensible course of action, and another 63% believe that lawmakers who enact the change would demonstrate their commitment to regulating the industry in such a way that it protects consumers. The poll is interesting for at least two reasons. First, it addresses a market-specific query, polling player opinions, and secondly – it allows the supplier to better calibrate its products. Conscious consumerism has been mounting within the gambling industry and, whether it is the ban of credit cards, or suspension of famous personality ads, lawmakers have been determined to ensure the safety of players. Commenting on the findings, Play’n GO Co-founder and CEO Johan Törnqvist has welcomed the opportunity to see his company also contribute to the journey towards building a more sustainable, better regulating, and thriving gaming industry in the country. “I pledged as far back as 2021 that Play’n GO would never make a Bonus Buy game – a decision that has cost us hundreds of millions of Swedish Krona – but I stand by that decision,” Törnqvist admitted, explaining that his company has been motivated by protecting consumers and ensuring that it does not lead players astray down risky paths of the iGaming experience. Törnqvist has abided by that commitment, and Play’n GO has now highlighted the existing opposition within the sector to that feature specifically. Image credit:

29 FEB 2024

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