Hipther Agency welcomes you to the Endorphina Club Party

Hipther Agency welcomes you to the Endorphina Club Party

Hipther Agency welcomes you to the Endorphina Club Party
Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is just weeks away, with one of the gathering’s highlights, the Endorphina Club Party, due to take place on March 26. The networking event is designed to help strengthen networking opportunities within the larger format of the event and offer participants the opportunity to get together, discuss outstanding issues in the industry, and also exchange business know-how, forming actionable industry ties in the process. The Endorphina Club 777 is touted as an exclusive part of the event which will be held on the second day of the gathering and provide participants with the opportunity to advance their understanding and relationships within the industry, offering delectable finger food, tantalizing drinks, and a live performance by burlesque dancers, the official press release teases. Commenting on the opportunity, and the upcoming Endorphina Club 777, company Head of Marketing Lenka DiNozzi said that the company was very happy to be teaming up with Hipther on this important occasion. “For us, this party is more than just a night of fun and glamour. It’s an opportunity to bring people together and to inspire one another to continue making a positive impact in our community,” DiNozzi explained. Endorphina will also play a much more significant role in the event, hosting the GamingTECH CEE Awards 2024 Ceremony, which DiNozzi said was a great honor and another chance to add to the company’s and the event’s outstanding achievements. “Let’s raise a martini to a night of fun, networking, and partnership,” she cheered. The news was naturally welcomed by Hipther Co-Founder Zoltan Tuendik who was similarly pleased with both the larger format of the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, and similarly congratulated Endorphina on hosting such important aspects of the event itself. He noted that the supplier is a cornerstone of the summit’s success and an integral part in helping Hipther shape the future of gaming as such. The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is taking place from March 25-27, 2024, with Endorphina hosting the party on its second day. Image credit: Endorphina/Hipther

05 MAR 2024

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