SIGA boosts RG efforts with EPIC Global Solutions

SIGA boosts RG efforts with EPIC Global Solutions

SIGA boosts RG efforts with EPIC Global Solutions
The Sports Integrity Global Alliance has doubled down on its commitment to maintaining responsible gambling standards through a new tie-up with EPIC Global Solutions. The seminal partnership is established with the help of SIGA SOLUTIONS, the alliance’s business development arm, and will strive to beget and promote safer sports gambling practices in a world that is fastly turning to regulated gambling, tackling the black market, and facing ever-increasing pressure to protect vulnerable consumers all over the globe. The partnership will cover extensive options and opportunities, including workshops with coaches who have lived experiences with problem gambling, consultancy services to help alleviate gambling-related harm and assist overcome the issue, and brand and CSR programs which are directly aimed at sports fans in the hopes of elevating understanding of the issue on multiple levels, including education, and in schools, universities, and businesses. Promoting responsible gambling and safeguards to minimize gambling-related harm is an important steppingstone of this partnership. Both SIGA and EPIC Global Solutions were excited about this opportunity, seeing it as a way to ensure that the sports industry enjoys better integrity and also serves as a conduit for tackling a growing societal issue, offering cutting-edge training and education to specific stakeholders who all benefit from understanding problem gambling and how it impacts people on all levels. EPIC Global Solutions CEO Paul Buck was very excited to see his organization join hands with SIGA to further enhance the fight against gambling-related harm and help boost sports integrity in the process. He also talked about the importance of lived experiences, something that he knows first-hand: “We specialize in learning from lived experience and having built up considerable knowledge around how to help sporting institutions to minimize the risk of gambling harm and related integrity issues, we look forward to sharing this expertise with an ever-growing audience.” Buck has welcomed the chance to see EPIC Global Solutions work closely with bodies that are keen on elevating RG efforts. As to SIGA Global, company CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros enthused similarly about what the partnership meant to his organization, also taking a moment to highlight the existing problem. “The data regarding the scale, prevalence and impacts of gambling addiction worldwide is as alarming as the case studies are harrowing,” he said outlining the company’s motivation to pursue this collaboration. Image credit: SIGA & EPIC

11 MAR 2024

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