Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 pre-event focuses on the speakers

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 pre-event focuses on the speakers

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 pre-event focuses on the speakers
As the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is now less than a week away, due to take place on March 25-27 at Vienna House in Prague, the Czech Republic, Hipther Agency has decided to focus on the speakers with a pre-event and briefly interview some of the speakers who will attend the gathering. Hipther Agency caught up with some of the lined speakers and queried them about a range of matters, including the evolving landscape of iGaming, the importance of being adaptable, innovate, and not least, possessing strategic foresight. The agency asked five of the attendants and industry experts the same three questions: What has been the most surprising or valuable lesson in your career within the gaming/tech sector? Can you tell us about a project or achievement in your career that you’re particularly proud of? What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the gaming and tech industries today? Here are their answers. Viktoria Soltesz (Mastering the Financial Game): For Soltesz, the importance of running a clear-cut financial strategy is one of the most important aspects of running any business, in iGaming and beyond. Soltesz is capable of building a robust financial strategy and has shared her experience seeing companies go belly up because of poor planning. Informed decision-making is what lies at the core of a successful business, Soltesz argues, including in her recent book “Moving Money – How Banks Think.” Aleksandra Andrishak (The Power of Continuous Learning): Andrishak puts the focus on perpetual training and lifelong learning as the basis of future success and argues that this is precisely what happens at Slotsjudge. Her advice is simple – embrace new trends and stay ahead of the curve. Jakub Tesar (Blockchain’s Expanding Horizons): Tesar talks about the future of the changing world around us and how the Ethereum ecosystem and Web3 technology would mean that players are put in more positions of power where they can impact the gameplay to greater extents. Not least, there is also the GenAI coming in that is bound to also change the landscape completely. Kaspar Szymanski (Navigating SEO in the Gaming and Tech World): Szymanski takes a look at a rather more technical matter, addressing how Google Search and SEO trends work, and how they can help businesses grow. Jasmina Poglavc (Data-Driven Innovation in iGaming): Poglavc is a firm believer that AI and advanced data analytics will have a crucial part to play in the iGaming experience, and how data privacy and regulation also will be a part of the continuously changing landscape for the industry. These are just some of the insights and topics that will be broached as part of the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. Those interested in attending still, they can click and register here. Image credit: Hipther Agency

19 MAR 2024

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