Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 gets underway

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 gets underway

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 gets underway
The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit expo gets underway today and in light of this, Hipther Agency, which hosts it, has taken a closer look at how the event has evolved over the years. Celebrated as a beacon for industry leaders and a platform where the future of iGaming and technology can be discussed, Prague Gaming & TECH Summit has been on a transformative journey, becoming a cornerstone for the industries it sets out to serve. The original event was launched in 2017, known as the Prague Gaming Summit, and it was envisioned as a complementary event to the already established Central and EasternEuropean Gaming Conference or CEEGC, held in Budapest at the time. From the very start, the event was laser-focused on broaching brave topics about the future of the industry and helping the leaders of today shape the future of tomorrow in the gaming sector. Over the years, the event earned a reputation for reuniting visionaries and spurring positive change in the industry, which soon merited a re-think of the gathering. In 2023, Hipther Agency decided to go right ahead and merge the TECH Conference Europe with the Prague Gaming Summit to host the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, a unifying industry gathering, where both sectors would have a lot of touching points to build on and explore together. Commenting on this decision, Hipther Agency had this to say in a press release shared with Casino Guru News: “The merge was a strategic move that reflected the blurring lines between gaming, technology, and other related sectors, offering a more comprehensive and holistic platform for discussion and networking.” The results of the merger are already evident, as the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit has been on an upward trajectory both in terms of popularity as well as the impact it has on the industry. Presently, the 2024 edition, which is kicking off in a few hours will have more than 85 speakers, 30 sessions and 250 participants from across multiple industries and jurisdictions. The hosts have planned three network parties as well as an awards ceremony, and an inexhaustible opportunity to grow and learn. Image credit: Hipther Agency

25 MAR 2024

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