GambleAware self-assessment tool shows increase in interest

GambleAware self-assessment tool shows increase in interest

GambleAware self-assessment tool shows increase in interest
The number of people seeking help for their gambling problem in the United Kingdom may be increasing steadily, as new data by GambleAware indicates that the organization’s self-assessment online tool has been used by 100,000 people since it launched in April 2023. The tool actually led to action on the part of 28,000 people who used the self-assessment tool to connect with the National Gambling Helpline and seek further assistance for their issues. These numbers come amid a heightened interest in problem gambling treatment and prevention on the part of lawmakers, NGOs, and consumers themselves. Among the measures deployed by GambleAware are the National Gambling Support Network, which has been focusing on early intervention support which usually has to do with 20-30-minute consultation with a specialist who can advise on further action. This comes at a time of steady rise for the gambling sector, which generated £15.1bn up to March 2023, GambleAware explained. GambleAware Chief Communications Officer Alexia Clifford has welcomed the latest figures as a sign that the organization and its online self-assessment tool were having a meaningful impact on the rates of problem gambling in the country. According to Clifford at least 56% of the people who engaged with the tool actually took proactive steps towards reducing gambling levels. In the meantime, GambleAware CEO Zoë Osmond has welcomed the opportunity to see the work of her organization pay off. She said that third-sector services have a crucial role to play when addressing the broader societal problem of gambling. Prevention has been the buzzword here, Osmond explained, urging the government to do more in this direction. “As we approach the Government’s planned announcement around the structure of the new system, it’s imperative a comprehensive prevention-led approach is prioritized, including increased investment into free, confidential support services, educational initiatives, public health campaigns and digital resources, which allow for a tailored approach for all communities across Great Britain who need our support,” she said outlining a more comprehensive approach. Meanwhile, GambleAware has also been able to train more than 8,000 professionals who have been specifically equipped with the skills needed to spot early signs of gambling harm but to also provide adequate help in those cases where it is needed. GambleAware has been a very strong advocate for overcoming gambling harm and ensuring that people who get help receive adequate support, not just by shaking off their bad habits, but also by embarking on a recovery journey which often requires difficult financial challenges. If you want to test yourself using the GambleAware free online self-assessment too, you may do so here. Image credit:

05 APR 2024

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