ANJ highlights fight against gambling harm and underage betting

ANJ highlights fight against gambling harm and underage betting

ANJ highlights fight against gambling harm and underage betting
The Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s gambling regulator, has released a new detailed account of the regulator’s efforts to promote a responsible and safe gambling environment for all market participants, and a determination to fight underage betting and gambling on all levels. As part of a comprehensive plan outlined on the regulator’s website, the regulator has noted that regulated operators in the market are already falling in line and ensuring that they take tougher measures to guarantee the safety of at-risk individuals and protect them from harmful practices. Among the noted results was evidence that the majority of operators have already introduced individualized support measures that can single out at-risk individuals or those showing symptoms of irresponsible gambling and approach them. Operators have also made a significant effort in coming together to try and curb excessive gaming, which is another part of ANJ’s broader ambition for making the regulated French gambling market safer. A third pivot has to do with ensuring that minors are protected as underage gambling is still a concern for the regulator. The ANJ has commended individual operators for taking the initiative and working proactively to raise awareness as well as ensure that attempts to dodge the prohibition for underage gambling fall flat. However, the ANJ noted that it expects regulated operators to continue stepping up their efforts in 2024 and ensure that they are able to identify reckless gambling behavior more quickly and reliably, combining both their technical expertise and publicly available information, as well as more tailored and targeted approach in each customer’s case. Early identification and intervention are the bywords which regulated entities will have to follow. A strong emphasis is put on younger gamblers, those aged 18-24, and VIP clients, as they are considered to be at the highest risk of developing a problem with gambling. Operators will also have to run enhanced risk assessments on customers before they target them with marketing to ensure that they are not targeting vulnerable individuals. The ANJ said that this is particularly important in light of the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 and Paris Olympics which will come with a big spike in gambling and also potentially lead to an increase of problem gambling. The ANJ announced a multi-year strategy at the beginning of the year designed to strengthen customer protection and ensure that players are safe. Image credit:

10 APR 2024

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