Sharp Gaming rebrands to Betfred Technology

Sharp Gaming rebrands to Betfred Technology

Sharp Gaming rebrands to Betfred Technology
Sharp Gaming has rebranded to Betfred Technology, the sports betting company’s newly appointed Chief Information Officer Andrew Daniels said in an update on his LinkedIn profile. Daniels added that he was happy to see Sharp Gaming embark and successfully complete the odyssey that was the creation of a new player account management, sportsbook, gaming aggregation, RGS, websites, and apps solutions for Betfred. The company has been a vital backbone of Betfred’s technological growth and ability to deliver player-focused products and is now further integrated into the sports betting giant’s ecosystem and brand. Betfred invested more than £100m into improving its technological capabilities, something that showed fully during Grand National Day, which saw Sharp Gaming-developed solutions hold up. The rebranding, said Daniels, reflects on Sharp Gaming’s evolving responsibilities within the Betfred ecosystem, and he himself has assumed the position of Chief Information Officer. Daniels previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sharp Gaming, and the company itself was founded back in 2017, bringing fresh technological solutions to some of the biggest gambling brands. Yet, it was Betfred that recognized the company’s potential and focused on nurturing it. Betfred had actually acquired Sharp Gaming in 2021, but the company did not pull the rebranding move until now. Daniels’ involvement with both Sharp Gaming and Betfred certainly played a contributing role here. He previously worked as Head of Mobile Development for the company between 2011 and 2013. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

01 MAY 2024

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