Gambling with Lives launches petition to shutter TfL gambling ads

Gambling with Lives launches petition to shutter TfL gambling ads

Gambling with Lives launches petition to shutter TfL gambling ads
Gambling with Lives, a not-for-profit organization in the United Kingdom, has launched a new offensive against the gambling sector, fighting gambling ads inundating the Transport for London network. In a new petition, Gambling with Lives seeks to muster enough support to petition the mayor, Sadiq Khan, to act on his promise made back in 2021 that his office would remove gambling advertisements from public transport. In outlining the petition, Gambling with Lives explained that “gambling companies spend over a BILLION pounds on ads every year to convince us to gamble.” Gambling with Lives explained that this strategy worked, citing scientific evidence that there is a clear link between how much people gamble and the number of gambling ads they see. The organization went further to argue that gambling is not a safe pastime for anyone and that it can have serious life-shattering consequences. Khan, the organization insisted, should be held accountable for his promise to deal with the issue. One of the biggest controversies on the TfL was a series of ads called “This bus is now a casino” which elicited social backlash against the gambling company that launched the campaign, prompting a withdrawal. The Gambling with Lives mission is to first make sure that these gambling ads are not part of the TfL moving forward but to also raise awareness that gambling can do serious damage, and that ought to be addressed correctly and quickly. “We shouldn’t have to wait for companies to decide to take gambling ads down. TfL has shown they’re willing to turn down advertising cash before out of concern for commuters,” Gambling with Lives further noted, blasting not just Khan but also the network itself. The petition itself has already gathered close to 9,700 signatures and you may consider backing it if you believe in Gambling with Lives’ mission here. Image credit:

03 MAY 2024

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