Paf steps up efforts to protect young people with mandatory limits

Paf steps up efforts to protect young people with mandatory limits

Paf steps up efforts to protect young people with mandatory limits
Amid a debate in the United Kingdom about mandatory affordability checks triggered at certain losses or total money spent, Paf, a Nordic gaming company, has decided to go ahead and act proactively, even if the matter does not concern its own jurisdiction. The operator has announced a series of mandatory loss limits to help young people steer clear of excessive gambling. Paf is treading carefully, however, and is not following the rather restrictive £150 proposed by the UK Gambling Commission. Rather, Paf is tweaking some of its existing loss limits, reducing the €10,000 a year, previously applying to 20-24-year-olds, to €8,000 a year. The company also runs a €1,800 mandatory loss limit for those aged 18-19 and has a third loss limit set at €17,500 for anyone older than 25. Yet, the company wants to start tweaking around these number, tightening the limits in such a way that allows business to remain sustainable while continuously addressing responsible gambling. Paf CEO Christer Fahlstedt has welcomed the opportunity to see his company stand tall in matters of responsible gambling once again, arguing that loss limits are important. “This is an important continuation of the responsible gaming direction we are striving towards at Paf. Now young customers can only play with us for amounts that are at a more sustainable level and within the framework of the customer segment that we have defined ourselves as the green segment,” Fahlstedt said. Fahlstedt acknowledged that his company was in a serious business that sold a potentially harmful product, and as such, the company had to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that it does the right thing by its audiences and players. The measure was welcomed by Paf Chief Responsibility Officer and Deputy CEO Daniela Johansson who noted that loss limits are a good complement to make gambling safer and more responsible. Johansson added that it was important to focus on young people’s safety and help reduce loss limits. The decision to tweak and reduce the gambling loss limit for the youngest of players is not random either, as Paf has based this on extensive research indicating that young people are the most at risk of becoming addicted to gambling or spending recklessly. Paf is hoping to amend at least part of this as the company continues to reevaluate its responsible gambling strategy. Image credit: Paf

08 MAY 2024

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