Paweł Piotrowski: “Riptide Pirates has replayability in abundance”

Paweł Piotrowski: “Riptide Pirates has replayability in abundance”

Paweł Piotrowski: “Riptide Pirates has replayability in abundance”
Paweł Piotrowski, Nailed It! Games Co-Founder, walks us through the studio’s latest instalment, Riptide Pirates, a game that amalgamates a lot, from nostalgia for games such as battleships to the modern Pirate Bonus feature which is the cornerstone of the new title. With Riptide Pirates, Nailed It! Games wanted to create a game that offers endless replayability that is also streamer-friendly and strikes home with different demographics and age groups. Find out more about Riptide Pirates with Piotrowski in this Casino Guru News interview. Q: Why the pirate title for your new game, Riptide Pirates™? Is the theme choice completely random or somehow complementing the mechanics of the title? You might be surprised to hear that it was actually the Pirate Bonus feature that came first. We had this wonderful battleships-inspired feature in front of us for two whole years before we actually began production of Riptide Pirates™. We knew that for this feature to be a success we had to build a game around it that fit perfectly, and what better theme than pirates? Once we knew we were ready to start work on this title, it didn’t take long for us to agree on a theme at all. Base gameplay has changed multiple times since development began, but now we’re extremely happy with where everything is at and can’t wait to see the game get its network release! Q: What kind of player will Riptide Pirates™ appeal to? This game is for players who are after something new and different from traditional online slot gameplay. This certainly isn’t your standard 5-reel slot with simple wilds and a free spins bonus: we wanted to create something for those players who are tired of the same old features and mechanics. We also hope that Riptide Pirates™ will capture the imagination of those longing for a trip down memory lane. Battleships is a game most of us played when we were younger. Once players see that they can enjoy that experience once more they’ll want to give this slot a spin! I’m also confident that streamers will enjoy this release due to its win potential, gripping bonus game and the fact that it designed to take players on an action-packed journey that will keep their viewers highly engaged. Q: What is the standout feature of Riptide Pirates™ and how do you think it will be received by players? I think it goes without saying that the Pirate Bonus is the main selling point of this game. This is the first time anything like this has been done before and as such it stands out from the crowd. Players love a game with replayability, and this has replayability in abundance thanks to its multiple modifiers and exciting feature combinations that can occur during the bonus. What’s more, the math model in Riptide Pirates™ means that the longer it takes to trigger the bonus, the better it pays when it does trigger. Unlocking more cannons in the base game is a huge boost towards the next bonus. Q: You have introduced a second-screen bonus game, Battleships, in Riptide Pirates™. What was the idea behind this design decision and what do you hope to achieve? We wanted to create a truly unique feature that hadn’t been seen before, but we also wanted it to be familiar to the majority of players in some way or another. This is how we came upon the battleships concept. Link & win mechanics have been popular for a long time now, and from a math perspective, this game is not that different from those. Q: How is Riptide Pirates™ different than previous games you have released? At Nailed It! Games, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries and delivering quality, prioritising excellence in all our creations. We’re all about marrying intricate game mechanics with captivating and immersive themes, a commitment that shines through in the likes of Rome Supermatch™ and Dog Days™. With Riptide Pirates™, we’ve really raised the bar on the audio-visual front, putting a lot of resources into making it the best game we’ve ever created. From the voiceovers to the design assets, every detail is polished to perfection. There is constantly something going on in Riptide Pirates™ and it’s a whole lot of fun to follow. We’ve also spent a lot of time tweaking the base game so that it’s just as fun to play as the bonus feature is, something many developers forget to do. In terms of what differentiates this release from others, I think it’d be fair to suggest that we’ve spent a lot longer on this game than any other. As a result, we’ve been able to create something truly special that we think players will enjoy. Q: Has Riptide Pirates inspired you to explore something differently in terms of what your next game will be? We are absolutely delighted with how this game has turned out, especially the Pirate Bonus. Building on this, we’ll be looking to implement variants of its mechanics into future releases. Watch this space because there’s a lot more to come from us, with Big Buzz™ set to welcome players to the buzzy world of bees this June! Image credit: Casino Guru News

09 MAY 2024

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