SOFTSWISS walks potential partners through Afflika migration

SOFTSWISS walks potential partners through Afflika migration

SOFTSWISS walks potential partners through Afflika migration
SOFTSWISS and the team behind the company’s praised affiliate marketing solution, Afflika, have put together an exhaustive list of reasons why a company may consider migrating from one platform to another. The checklist, as SOFTSWISS puts it, has focused on the often anxiety-inducing process itself by breaking it down into checkpoints that can help potential partners transition smoothly to a new platform and drive meaningful business growth in the meantime. Affiliate marketing – from pre-migration to actual migration SOFTSWISS has broken down this process into three main phases – the pre-migration and actual migration phases. Each has its particularities and can be prepared fully so that operations are business as usual. SOFTSWISS also addresses the post-migration process which is similarly important. SOFTSWISS Head of Afflika Anastasia Borovaya has welcomed the opportunity to break down the entire process and beckon confidence to companies that have been toying with the idea of migrating their affiliate operations. Borovaya said: “The migration timeframe depends on how quickly the client prepares the mapping files. More data means a longer process, but it typically takes a few weeks for preparation and a few hours for migration to the production environment. Quick and clear communication with the client’s team is essential for a successful migration. When the client responds promptly and clearly, the migration progresses smoothly as planned.” The pre-migration stage is usually riddled with setting, data selection, and communication problems that SOFTSWISS addresses head-on, owing to its vast client base and years of experience in the business. To achieve this, SOFTSWISS focuses on several key tenets: Focus on the desired client objectives and outcomes of the migration, such as identifying what key metrics to track Determining what specific data needs to be migrated, including partner and player data Assigning a dedicated team member from Afflika to oversee the communication so that there is no mismatch between what the partners want and what SOFTSWISS delivers at any stage Then, comes the migration stage. It is marked by several important aspects as well, including: Informing all stakeholders about the timeline and schedule of the actual migration, along with any planned downtime Collecting and formatting all necessary “mapping files” based on the new platform’s requirements to achieve a clean and actionable result Fine-tuning the new platform settings and adjusting the accurate commission plans and referral links to ensure that all integrations have been carried out systematically and correctly Finally, there is the post-migration process which is handled thoroughly by Afflika by SOFTSWISS. Here, the company and its dedicated teams focus on ensuring the post-migration operational success of their partners. There are several ways this is achieved. Affiliates are notified about the migration so that everything is kept up to date, including the links that are provided, thus minimizing any disruption of normal operations Training sessions are offered to both affiliates and operator personnel to ensure that everyone comprehends how the platform works and is able to make full and good use of it Afflika continues to collect information and to actively check and test for any potential oversight in any of the previous stages that are fixed promptly Image credit: SOFTSWISS

05 JUN 2024

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