AffPapa pins iGaming Club Lisbon 2024 on the calendar

AffPapa pins iGaming Club Lisbon 2024 on the calendar

AffPapa pins iGaming Club Lisbon 2024 on the calendar
AffPapa continues to add noteworthy events to the annual calendar of big industry gatherings with the latest iGaming Club to take place in Lisbon, Portugal later this year. The iGaming Club Lisbon is due on September 23, 2024, and it will be one of the best opportunities for affiliates, operators, and B2B providers to get together, exchange know-how, and expand their networks. Lisbon also plays a crucial role in iGaming Club’s roadmap, as it’s the latest expansion move for AffPapa, which has aligned the event with the SBC and Affiliate Leaders Summit Lisbon to ensure that attendees get the best time and make the most out of the gabfest. The upcoming edition will see as many as 500 attendees, with the split roughly 40-40-20 between affiliates, operators, and B2B provider companies respectively. AffPapa and iGaming Club CEO Levon Nikoghosyan has welcomed this fresh opportunity to add yet another great event to the calendar and introduce industry insiders to the exciting format. “I am proud to announce iGaming Club’s expansion to Lisbon. Over the last year especially, our event series has truly established itself within the iGaming industry, making this move a natural progression. Partnering with SBC Summit Lisbon allows us to bring our exclusive networking event to a new, vibrant location. We look forward to connecting the region’s iGaming community for a unique networking opportunity.” The iGaming Club has been an absolute success and a rather unexpected one. Originally launched two years ago in Amsterdam, the event quickly found ground with industry insiders who found the format a good opportunity to build connections in often laidback and off-the-cusp manner. The success of that first meet-up in Amsterdam spawned a host of sister events across other cities, including London, Malta, Barcelona, and Malaga. iGaming Club also hosted its first standalone conference in May, and the latest iGaming Club Amsterdam wrapped up on July 16. Image credit: iGaming Club

24 JUN 2024

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