Bragg Gaming supercharges Hard Rock Casino in the Netherlands

Bragg Gaming supercharges Hard Rock Casino in the Netherlands

Bragg Gaming supercharges Hard Rock Casino in the Netherlands
The provider of iGaming content, turnkey technology solutions and services, powering land-based and online gambling operators across the globe, Bragg Gaming Group, announced an important launch completed in the Netherlands. Bragg Gaming grows in the Netherlands On Tuesday this week, the company revealed it launched, powering the brand with its cutting-edge player account management (PAM) software. The recent launch reaffirmed the growing position of Bragg Gaming as a go-to supplier of technology and solutions for the European country. In fact, the launch with Hard Rock Casino NL represented the sixth PAM launch for the company within the Dutch iGaming market. Not only did the recent deal help expand the reach of Bragg Gaming’s cutting-edge software, but it is also a testament to the effectiveness and scalability of the solution. The collaboration brings excitement Paul Strikers, iCasino’s Chief Executive Officer, shared his excitement about the collaboration in a statement. “When entering a highly competitive market like The Netherlands, with its strong emphasis on operator compliance, we wanted to have the best foundation, and Bragg’s suite of content and technology solutions provides that,” he revealed. Finally, Strikers pointed out: “Dutch players will benefit from access to the latest titles and the best offers, bringing the best in Hard Rock Casino style to our iGaming offering.” Matevž Mazij, Bragg Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer, was similarly delighted. “We’re excited to be able to support as it launches in the Dutch market under the Hard Rock Casino brand,” he added. In conclusion, Mazij pointed out: “Hard Rock Digital is an internationally recognizable brand with a fantastic global presence, and I cannot wait to see how Dutch players will embrace the brand as we launch with” The strategic agreement grows the brand’s offering to Dutch customers The expansion of Bragg Gaming into the Dutch online gambling market isn’t a surprise, especially considering its potential. According to H2 Gambling Capital, the value of the market is expected to surpass $2bn this year. The latest collaboration doesn’t cover only Bragg Gaming’s PAM software. Thanks to the agreement, Hard Rock Casino NL also taps into the company’s complete suite of managed services. This will enable the brand to access payment processing solutions and technology, 24/7 customer support, customer retention and responsible gambling tools. What’s more, Bragg Gaming agreed to grant the brand access to Bragg HUB. The content aggregation solution will significantly propel the offering of Hard Rock Casino NL, allowing it to access a portfolio of more than 10,000 casino games. The list of quality releases includes titles from Bragg Gaming’s in-house development studios, Indigo Magic and Atomic Slot Lab, as well as titles built via the Bragg Remote Gaming Server and third-party iGaming content providers. Image credit: Bragg Gaming Group

03 JUL 2024

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